1) It’s my favorite show, but the first time I watched it in high school, I went through the episodes quickly, so there are some things I don’t remember well. When I do rewatch episodes, I have no order about it, just randomly picking ones I like. I wanted to do it in order.

2) Since I want to work in TV and I think this sitcom is the gold standard, I want to record any of the good insights I have about the episodes.

3) At the same time, I know myself well enough to not make the rules too structured by limiting what I can talk about. So, umm, things might not always be so insightful.

4) More people need to love “30 Rock” so they can get my references.

5) Because Meat Cat told me to.

6) Every white girl thinks she’s Liz Lemon

This project was partially inspired by:

99 Days at Tombs – wherein I and about 100 other Georgetown seniors went to one bar every day for the last 99 days of our college careers. The tradition began with the class of 1999.

40 Days of Dating – wherein these two people dated for 40 days as a social experiment

Lawrence and Julie and Julia – wherein Lawrence watched “Julie and Julia” every day for a year

Tomorrow, it begins.