Upon seeing the episode’s title, I was extremely excited to watch, but after viewing, I realized Liz’s plotline is far superior to the other two.

1) Liz and Jenna have two guys they flirt with in the elevator. They refer to the good looking one as “The Hair” and the bald, weird one as “The Head.” The Head asks Liz out and she freaks out.

2) Jack is a page for a day.

3) Tracy gets Toofer and Frank to write his autobiography when he remembers that it’s due tomorrow.

The best thing from plotline 2 was this Kenneth quote:

Do you know why I put up with this pitiful job, Mr. Donaghy? Why I fetch these folks’ lunches and clean up their barfs? Because they make television. And more than jazz or musical theater or morbid obesity, television is the true American art form. Think of all the shared experiences television has provided for us, from the Moon landing to the Golden Girls finale; from Walter Cronkite denouncing Vietnam, to Oprah pulling the trash bag of fat out in the wagon; from the glory and the pageantry of the Summer Olympics, to the less fun Winter Olympics. So please, don’t tell me I don’t have a dream, sir. I am living my dream.

I get you Kenneth. Also, the Olympics thing is iconic.

The best thing about the Tracy plot is when he sings the song from his Christmas album:

So plot 1. This sort of picks up where the last episode left us, with a precarious Jenna and Liz relationship that both are struggling to effectively navigate. In this one, they realize that someone attractive might be interested in Liz over Jenna, and it throws both of them for a loop.

I’d be intimidated too. The Hair is my ideal man. He’s 6’5″, hot, but not in an intimidating way, and works at NBC.

I am attractive but not in the aggresively attractive way most men on television shows are.

I am attractive but not in the aggressively attractive way most men on television shows are.

The one character flaw he possesses is that his name is “Gray,” which is silly.

Of course, Liz does have a problem: They’re related. Her great aunt Dolly is his grandmother’s cousin. Gray says that he thinks that makes them 3rd cousins, but that’s too close for comfort on both their accounts.

I wanted to do the math on their relation, though. So! Liz’s Great Aunt Dolly, we can assume, is her grandmother or grandfather’s sister. So her grandparent is his grandmother’s cousin. That makes one of her parents and one of his parents second cousins, and Liz and Gray third cousins.

I just finished Jeffrey Eugenides “Middlesex,” a novel about generations of a Greek family that has its own incestful tendencies. The novel’s protagonist’s parents are second cousins and it’s implied that this wasn’t uncommon in Greece’s small villages.

You’re Greek Liz! Third cousin isn’t that bad!

No, it’s still kind of gross. Sorry girl.

Liz decides this is what she gets for thinking she’s a “Hair,” but Gray asserts that she really is a Hair. I think she took this to heart, given how attractive her future boyfriends are. But that’s for later posts…

Bits and Pieces

“Star Wars” Reference: One; Liz compares Gray’s eyes to the Death Star’s tractor beam sucking in the Millennium Falcon. Jenna mislabels this as a “Star Trek” reference.

Sometimes I watch the show with captions and have noticed that sometimes they add things the actors don’t say. For example, when Jack gives Liz Chamillionaire tickets, he tells her to take one of the writers or a friend, but the captions said “lady friend.” In today’s episode, after a bunch of characters said “January 17” and the captions got it right, Cerie apparently confused them:

Weirdly proud that I got a screenshot of her making a weird face.

Weirdly proud that I got a screenshot of her making a weird face.

Continuity: Brian Williams trashes his hotel room.

Character I related to most: Liz when she questions Gray’s motives:

I don’t have any money if that’s what you’re after. And I’m not one of those girls that does weird stuff in bed because they think they have to. If you’re a gay guy looking for a beard, I don’t do that anymore.

Kenneth invents “Gold Case” this episode, the second-most important “30 Rock” game show after “Homonym.”

I think this was the first episode without a Rachel Dratch cameo.

A ranking of Liz’s exes from most to least attractive: Gray, Dennis, Conan.

Hints that Kenneth is immortal/mystical/terrifying: None.