This might have been the funniest episode yet. Three strong, memorable, hilarious plot lines.

But again, an aside. According to these graphics that compare how long it takes to binge-watch different series, “30 Rock” is 50 hours long. 39 shows are longer, though a lot of those shows aren’t one that people typically binge watch.

The chart has made me think about this project though. Is watching 138 episodes of a TV show over the course of approximately four months even that interesting? One of my friends started watching “30 Rock” when I began my rewatch and she’s on season four. During finals, I watched eight episodes while writing an essay. Once I watched 24 episodes of “True Blood” in three days.1 In sixth grade, I watched “Pirates of the Carribean” every day for a month. Watching one episode of a TV show a day seems pretty normal compared to that.

So why do it? To answer that, let’s consider what happened today. JK Rowling released a glorified “short story” on Pottermore in the form of a Rita Skeeter article about a grown-up Dumbledore’s Army attending the Quidditch World Cup.

And the Internet freaked out. My generation freaked out. I’ve talked about this with a lot of people before, but “Harry Potter” was undoubtedly the biggest cultural moment of my childhood. I honestly just assume that anyone my age has read it.

But even on a personal level, “Harrry Potter” and its characters are so important to me. And, as today showed, it’s super important to tons of people.

And “30 Rock” is also that important to me. So I’m reliving it. I’m savoring it. And it’s fun!

And episodes like today’s masterpiece make it extra fun.

Three plots:

1. Jack is negotiating Josh’s contract and wants to teach Liz how it’s done. Liz wants josh to get a fair deal, but changes his mind when he betrays her.

2. Jenna accidentally says “I hate the troops” when she’s on Maxim’s Hottest Women in Comedy list.2 She meant theater troupes and said, “They think they’re so important but it’s just a bunch of silly gay guys who get in costume and like the prance around.”

3. Tracy recruits Kenneth for the entourage. Kenneth accidentally reveals that Grizz and Dotcom had been letting Tracy win at basically everything.

Plot one is pretending to be a Josh plot, but Liz and Jack get to do all the fun things. Except when Josh tries to take a mouth selfie with his phone.

You tried.

You tried.

But this plot also illustrated the show’s Josh problem. Liz is worried that Josh is too dumb to successfully negotiate, but have they ever even shown Josh to be dumb? Bro-y, goofy, yes, but dumb? He’s not as funny as Frank, but stupid just isn’t the word I would use to describe him.

And that’s the problem. There’s no word I would use to describe Josh.

Anyway, we get to see Liz’s dark side and it’s funny, especially when at the end she makes Josh do the worm to humiliate him. Jack, in an especially funny moment today of all days, says, “It’s so degrading. Are its origin’s German?”

Jane Krakowski shines as Jenna in today’s episode. After her disastrous interview, she goes on “Hardball with Chris Matthews” to fix it. Instead, she sings “Muffin Top,” tells a sex story about Fleet Week, and mixes up Obama and Osama, furthering my theory that Tina Fey is a psychic.

Chris Matthews is obviously having a really hard time not laughing while he’s on camera.

Rachel Dratch appears as the angry Christian lady who organizes a TGS protest.

Screenshot 2014-07-08 19.32.28


The headline below her are almost as funny as what she says, though.



So Jack makes Liz write a Salute to the Troops for Jenna to perform instead of that week’s episode.

Salute to the Troops Jenna would be a great Halloween costume.

Salute to the Troops Jenna would be a great Halloween costume.

But then the pinwheels don’t spin:

Speaking of Germans

Speaking of Germans


But the Tracy plot is the real winner.

Finally, Grizz and Dotcom step into the spotlight. And I was just so happy to see them interacting with Tracy in a substantial way. #feels

Tracy wants Kenneth in the entourage because he needs someone to harmonize with. They practice with “Tomorrow” from “Annie,” and it’s pretty great.

This episode also introduces us to my favorite Tracy line: “I love  ______ so much I want to take it/her/him behind the middle school and get it pregnant.”

He also yells “Pornography!” at the television in hopes of getting it to turn on. Never change, Tracy.

But the real winning moment of the episode is when Grizz and Dotcom save Tracy from a mob, while Tracy sings in the background “I Will Always Love You.”

Sadly, the video isn’t on YouTube but the audio is:

Bits & Pieces

Kenneth refers to making out as “European kissing.”

Tracy has an Oscar made of chocolate.

Jenna uses a rubber chicken in her photo shoot. The rubber chicken will return…

Josh’s flip phone and Tracy’s Razr both appeared in this episode, making me nostalgic for mediocre cell phones.

Jon Stewart is the grandson of Saul Sheinhardt, owner of NBC’s parent company, Sheinhardt Wigs.

Things we know about Josh: Was photographed rough housing with Lance Bass at SeaWorld. Was opening for a puppet when Liz found him. Performs well with 13 to 24 year-old girls.

Fat Ballz is studying hotel management at Cornell.

Tracy sent money to help a Nigerian prince and succeeded.

Character I related to most: Liz when she says, “I love America. just because i think gay dudes should be allowed to adopt kids and we should all have hybrid cars doesn’t mean i don’t love America” and winks. This used to be in my Facebook profile.

Best Jack one-liner: “Lemon what happened in your childhood to make you believe people are good?”

Hints that Kenneth is immortal/mystical/terrifying: His harmonizing is suspiciously good for someone who doesn’t seem to practice very often.

1. Not recommended.
2. Obviously not as prestigious as the Maxim list Avery Jessup makes.