What a great episode.

I saw that a lot in these posts — season one is so good — but this is probably my favorite episode so far, by far. The plot:

1) Don Geiss takes microwaves from Jack because of the fireworks disaster. Don tells Jack he should get himself a wife. Jack spirals.

2) Liz is dating Floyd. Jack becomes obsessed with the Floydster and inserts himself into their relationship.

3) Tracy tries to get Don Geiss to pick up his movie, “Jefferson,” in which he plays all the main characters, including Sally Hemmings. Don originally thinks he’s pitching a movie version of “The Jeffersons,” which he is super into.

Tracy ends up filming a trailer for “Jefferson,” and it is amazing.

  1. Grizz and Dotcom are slaves, digging in the park, and Dotcom still has his bluetooth in
  2. Tracy wears white face, but not on his hands.
  3. Kenneth puts his page buttons on his costume.
  4. Tracy gets a real horse.
  5. Tracy, as Thomas Jefferson, dedicates the American Revolution to Don Geiss.
  6. When Sally Hemmings tells TJ she’s pregnant and asks for her freedom/a wedding ring, he replies, “I’ll have to get back to you on that.”

Sadly, there is no version of this on YouTube. This is crazy upsetting because it is so funny. I urge you to watch the episode and relive this.

Here’s a gif to tide you over:

Another great moment in this plot comes when Tracy asks Liz if he can use the crew for his trailer and she shuts him down. Tracy yells, “LIZ LEMON YOU ARE MY ALEXANDER HAMILTON.” Liz, who has frequently not gotten historical references — like all the ones Jack made to the Hapsburgs — doesn’t understand this one either, which is sad because it is AN AMAZING REFERENCE. TJ and Hamilton fought constantly, mostly about the direction the country was headed. TJ wanted a nation of small farmers, while Alex wanted cities and trade to control the economy. Wonder who won.

Unrelated: You should watch this rap about Alexander Hamilton, who, as one of my professors succinctly said, was a bastard, literally and figuratively.

Tracy decides to stick it out on his own, financing the movie himself.

Moving on!

Don Geiss, in all his creepiness returns to take microwave ovens away from Jack. It’s really sad; he apologizes to the picture of the trivection oven on his wall for letting it down.

And then he goes off the deep end. I don’t think “30 Rock” would “work” if Jack didn’t have these episodes where he went completely insane. Otherwise, it would be a show about a ridiculous woman and the smart man who helps her solve her problems. Instead, it’s about two screwed-up people trying to help each other be happy, even though neither actually knows what happiness is. Without their frequent descents into madness, it wouldn’t work.

Jack and Liz are both smitten with Floyd, and who can blame them for loving that babe. He loves playing Uno, he’s not grossed out by all of Liz’s old woman habits, he’s funny, he knows how to give a compliment, he likes sports…


Jack’s sadness brings us this amazing dialogue as he waits for her in Christie’s:

So Jack occupies his time by inserting himself into the Floyd and Liz relationship.

That is, until he decides to marry Phoebe, the woman from Christie’s with avian bone syndrome. Her bones are hollow. He hurts her as he slips the ring on her finger. It’s amazing.

In summation: Liz and Jack are both trying to be happy. Liz’s choice of mate is less unfortunate, but neither relationship is going to work out too well. Sorry guys.

This episode is also impressive for carrying on a plot, which the show hasn’t been the best at. Tracy is dealing with the Jefferson reveal, Jack is dealing with his post-divorce sadness and fireworks disaster, and Liz is just trying to be happy. Well, all of them are just trying to be happy. That’s literally the show.

And I love it.

Bits & Pieces

Jack invented the popcorn button on the microwave. Praise to Jack Donaghy.

It’s been a while since we had a good Jenna plot. I miss you girl.

Tracy offers Don Geiss grenadine and fried rice during their meeting.

Number of “Star Wars” references: One. When Floyd mentions Americans suffering through an economic downturn in 2002, Liz adds that we also had to suffer through “Attack of the Clones”

Best Frank hat: Problem Solver

At some point I wrote “ugh liz i love you” in my notes. I have no idea why. But it’s true.

Everything we know about Tracy’s movie “Fat Bitch”

  1. Tracy’s character turns into a dog
  2. Fat Bitch dies by the end of a movie, so a sequel is illogical
  3. The dogs use their high-pitch screening to stop a missile

Grizz is excited about Tracy’s promised “Fat Bitch” paycheck because now he can get an iPhone and everyone will be jealous. Oh, to live in a world before everyone had a smartphone…

Kenneth is knitting this amazing bikini for his grandmother.

Screenshot 2014-07-12 22.50.29Character I related to most: Liz when Jack pointed out that she was the third wheel in her own relationship. #thirdwheelsforlife

Jack sold Bianca’s engagement ring and used the money to buy a boat. He named it “Bianca Blows” and purposefully sank it. What a badass.

Liz’s love interests from most to least perfect for her/me: Floyd, Gray, Dennis, Conan, Gretchen the lesbian, that guy Wayne Brady played

Hints that Kenneth is immortal/mystical/terrifying: He did look pretty comfy in those old-timey clothes.