Are you saying actors can’t change the world? Tell that to Sharon Stone.

The only thing i remembered about this episode was that it’s the one with David Schwimmer.

Screenshot 2014-07-19 21.49.29

He plays Jared, cast by Jack as Greenzo, the face of G.E.’s environmental campaign.  He’s “America’s first nonjudgemental, business-friendly environmental advocate” who  says things like, “The Market will solve global warming, if it even exists.”

Greenzo gets carried away and goes insane, saying things like, “When I die they’ll want to put my face on money, if there were money in the future instead of just hugs.” I’m impressed by his proper use of the subjunctive though.

This plot was funny, but I couldn’t help but thing how much funnier it’d have been if it was David Schwimmer as himself, instead of as a random loser. Like, they actually would have had to change one sentence to make it about Schwimmer, so my theory is they wrote it that way, and then Schwimmer didn’t want to make fun of himself. Either way, it was a missed opportunity.

The whole plot ends with Al Gore appearing to potentially replace Greenzo. He reveals that he met Jack when Jack interned for Ted Kennedy in his liberal days(!). Jack quickly shuts him up, but oh man, if I were Liz, I’d never let that go. Ever.

Anyway, Al Gore doesn’t do it because he has to go save a whale that’s in trouble. Bummer. He does get a great meta-monologue about how NBC should really affect change by having characters on their shows talk about the true importance of battling global warming. It was smart and funny.

Also, Greenzo’s logo looks super similar to Georgetown’s sustainability logo, and it sort of freaks me out.

Meanwhile, Kenneth is having a party and Tracy spreads rumors about it so people will go. This plot gives us this iconic gif:

The party is a shitshow and Jack has a meeting about it the next day, revealing some of the crazy things that happened:

  • Pete forgot his wife, Paula, at Kenneth’s
  • Tracy stole a sink
  • A Harlem Globe Trotter disgraced the Harlem Globe Trotter name
  • Liz made Grizz and Dotcom cried. Unclear how, though we do see her trying to kiss Grizz
  • Someone wrote “Tool” on Jonathan’s head 😦
  • Everyone threw up everywhere, basically

The bizarreness of the party makes it amazing.

Bits & Pieces

Things we know about Josh: loves Fall Out Boy

Jack’s devious business face needs a moment of admiration.

Screenshot 2014-07-19 21.53.10

In a flashback to Kenneth’s Halloween Party, at which Liz was the only guest, Kenneth plays “Werewolf Bar Mitzvah.”

Jenna’s lipstick is called “Tiger Orgasm.”

Best Tracy line:

Liz: People are going to show up expecting all this great stuff and they’re going to be disappointed and angry.

Tracy: Just like colonial Williamsburg

Character I related to most: Probably Greenzo getting incredibly carried away with something.

Hints Kenneth is immortal/mystical/terrifying: None, though maybe he did something insane at the party. We can only hope.

Wait! Maybe he roofied everyone and that’s why everyone went crazy. It’s fact now.