I haven’t felt this energized at work since the 2 weeks when they tried to teach us Farsi!

And we made it to the end of season two.

Season one ended with Jack having a heart attack and almost getting married to the worst person ever, Liz ending her relationship with Floyd, and Tracy being chased by a bunch of black celebrities.

At the beginning of season two, Jack and Liz were both convinced that this was their year, only to have those illusions shattered 24 minutes later. But Jack was still on the path to success and Liz was trying to make it as a single woman.

Season two really only broke them more.

Our finale:

1) Liz thinks she’s pregnant with Dennis’ baby. Mixed feelings ensue.

2) Jack is working for the Bush administration, which is falling apart.

3) Tracy is finishing his porn video game.

4) Kenneth tries to get his Beijing Summer Olympics Page application in on time.

My favorite thing about the Liz plot is that she calls Jack all day long and leaves him voicemails. When he gets to the last one — she’s not pregnant — his face drops.

This is the face of your best friend.

This is the face of your best friend.

So he races back to New York to find out how she’s doing. It was, apparently, the sabor de soledad.



So the Jack and Liz friendship takes center stage, and I have feelings. Though at the beginning of the episode he tells Liz there’s nothing left for him at G.E., by the end it’s clear that there is something left — Elizabeth Lemon.

My second favorite thing about this plot was this line, which I say all. the. time. And I’m not sure I even realized I was quoting Liz.

Screenshot 2014-08-03 20.05.45

My third favorite thing is that we saw Dennis. I have finally come to terms with the fact that I love Dennis so much because I am weirdly attracted to him, even though he’s an Islanders fan — eww.

Apparently I’m the only one who didn’t realize I was into him:

Screenshot 2014-08-03 21.33.05


Anyway, Liz decides she’s going to try to adopt. Yay!

Jack’s plot includes Matthew Broderick as the needy, sad bureaucrat Cooter Berger, which is just a nickname given to him by the President because GW thought he looked like a dog and he was eating a burger. Sound like any other sitcom characters you know?

Jack’s job is the worst. The ceiling leaks, they don’t have any pens, and Cooter is a stage five clinger. Example of the disaster that is the Bush Administration:

Jack: Your ceiling appears to be leaking.

Cooter: No, it’s not. We’ve looked into it and it’s not.

But then Jonathan calls with exciting news:



So Jack wants to resign but Cooter won’t let him, because Jack is his only friend. So they decide to revive this old government program that makes a gay bomb that would make enemy combatants gay, knowing it’ll nuke their careers and get them fired.

That time they accidentally set off the gay bomb in the Pentagon

That time they accidentally set off the gay bomb in the Pentagon

So Jack will be back, but is he the same Jack we once knew, focused solely on Don Geiss’ job? We’ll find out together.

Meanwhile, Kenneth’s plot gives us two gems:

Screenshot 2014-08-03 19.57.42


Pete was almost an Olympic archer.

Screenshot 2014-08-03 20.14.57

Jenna sings the greatest self-aggrandizing song about another person ever.

Also Donnie the evil page shows up, so that’s nice continuity.

The Tracy plot was funny also, but I don’t have anything else to say about it?

In sum: good season. Jack and Liz will continue to try to be happy, which is the human condition. We will laugh at them

Perfect Pairing

Weird pick, but I’m going with the first episode of season two of “Friday Night Lights.” Coincidentally, that season also took place during the writers’ strike. Anyway, great show. The episode shows the beloved Coach Taylor outside his town, coaching a college team, and it’s just as weird as seeing Jack outside his home environment. Also his wife, the indomitable Tammy, gives birth this episode, so it continues our baby themes.

Bits & Pieces

The Bush Administration calls it the war on the poor. Oops.

Judi Dench did a voiceover for Tracy’s porn video game.

We get more luscious views of Kathy Geiss’ office when Liz bursts in, forgetting Jack isn’t there:

Screenshot 2014-08-03 20.03.35

Liz’s single mom role models are Erin Brockovich and Sarah Connor. One of these things is way better than the other.

The pilot opened with discussion of Cerie’s wedding. That subject was promptly dropped for the rest of the season.

Character I related to most: Pete because he seems to love the Summer Olympics just as much as I do.

Hints that Kenneth is immortal/mystical/terrifying: When we see him in Beijing, it appears he’s gotten into some real trouble with the Chinese mob. May be impervious to bullets.