Socially inept and baby crazy. I feel like I’m in a beer commercial.

“30 Rock” continues the riff its been on lately as Liz tries to be politically correct and screws up royally and Jack continues to struggle to figure out what happiness is. And Jenna tries to get herself cast as Janice Joplin in SheinhardtUniversal’s Joplin biopic.

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So Liz accidentally meets Stewart LaGrange (Peter Dinklage) when she mistakes him for a small child. Awkward. Infinite love for Peter Dinklage though, who get to show off some his comedy skills here:

I am so handsome and nerdy and actually perfect for you, Liz.

I am so handsome and nerdy and actually perfect for you, Liz.

Liz tries to act like this isn’t awkward and that the whole thing isn’t doomed from the start, but it is. She tells him to meet her on the Brooklyn Bridge, just like in the “Sex And The City” movie, just to make sure. She starts summarizing the movie to him and he quickly gets bored, which is funny because I spend a lot of time summarizing movies to people who don’t care in order to make a point that is only slightly interesting. I get you, LL.

But then at the bridge she mistakes him for a child again. Baby crazy, socially inept, and super single.

At least P-Dink gets to say the iconic line:
Screenshot 2014-08-10 20.53.54

Meanwhile, Jack, having realized during the last two episodes that his view of his career and his family have been totally screwed, turns toward love. He meets Elisa (Salma Hayek) his mother’s nurse, who scoffs at him for giving up on love (This is symbolized in his date with a Fox News correspondent during which she eats a bowl of chicken broth and some ice water).

And then he finds a lump on his testicle, which makes him reconsider his life. He thinks he’s in love with Elisa and maybe love was important this whole time. Side note: Jack really needs to watch more Disney movies or romantic comedies or something. He’s basically the only person who needs to be exposed to more realistic expectations about love.

The lump is benign, but he’s inspired to go for love too, just like Liz, except his doesn’t involve any tragic misunderstandings.

And this sets us up for the Elisa-Jack relationship, which I always liked. We’ll see if I still like it this time around.

Jenna’s movie doesn’t have the life rights.

Bits & Pieces

Best Tracy Morgan movie title: “A Blaffair to Rememblack.”

I forgot there was a small Tracy subplot where Jack tries to get him a post-nup with Angie because he keeps spending his money so she won’t divorce him. He has gold shoes and this shirt:

Screenshot 2014-08-10 20.35.35

Character I related to most: Liz. Baby crazy and socially inept.

An updated ranking of all of Liz’s love interests from best to worst: Gray, Stewart LaGrange, Floyd, Dennis, Jamie, Conan, Gretchen the lesbian, that guy Wayne Brady played, Gavin Volure.

Yes, Liz’s hang-ups about his height make this relationship not work, but he’s handsome and nerdy and very compatible with her. He’s into “aggressive and nerdy women.” Swoon.

Hints that Kenneth is immortal/mystical/terrifying: None.