I also really like this episode. A quick skim of Netflix summaries for the rest of the season showed that I am a huge fan of the second half of season 3. And the first episode I ever watched is approaching.

Our unifying theme is that everyone at 30 Rock is getting the flu:

1) Liz doesn’t want to get the flu because she’s going on vacation, but then her vacation is cancelled, so she doesn’t want her flu shot because the crew won’t be getting any. But then her vacation is back on and she gets one. The crew, who had given her a meat plate as a sign of their appreciation, turn on her.

2) Jack wants to see Elisa, but she works 7 days a week. So he spends time with her while she treats a catonic old man, who they bring around town with them.

3) Tracy and Jenna want to do something nice for the crew since they’re sick, but they’re incapable of doing nice things. Instead of getting soup or medicine, they give the crew “the best medicine”: laughter.

So Liz continues to be incredibly socially awkward, Jack tries to be happy, and Tracy and Jenna are still sociopaths.

I’m too tired and sad to write anything else.