Passing out and cursing on St. Patrick’s day? Is nothing sacred?

It’s St. Paddy’s Day at TGS, though this will only be conveniently mentioned at the beginning and never brought up again. (For contrast, see the season six St. Patrick’s Day episode, which is one of my favorites.)

Our plots:

1) Liz has to deal with the crises at TGS, but has jury duty. She serves on a jury for a woman who starts a fire at her job because no one appreciates her. *dramatic music*

2) Jack has made a mini microwave — with a Ham button, but like Liz suggested! — but can’t think of a name for it that isn’t offensive. He gets the writers to help, taking them away from their TGS duties.

3) Jenna falls asleep as she and Tracy are hosting the St. Patrick’s Day parade because she’s too tired from working TGS and filming Janie Jomplin. Dr. Spaceman gives her experimental military-grade drugs to keep her awake forever, until he realizes they’re killing her.

4) Tracy says motherf—– during the parade and gets fined by the FCC. He realizes he can say whatever wants on TV since he can afford both the fines and the advertising that the show needs.

So Liz copes with these three disasters the rational way: setting a fire in the writers’ room “accidentally.”

As Jack points out, this means everyone will listen to her for about a week. She’ll take it.

This was honestly a return to form for “30 Rock” — season 3 had increasingly moved our action away from production of the show, but here it’s front and center.

Bits & Pieces:

Jenna’s fake Janis songs are the best.

Screenshot 2014-08-19 21.02.07

The “30 Rock” props department is better than you:

Screenshot 2014-08-19 21.05.43

Josh was here again.

You’d think at this point Liz would keep people from going to Dr. Spaceman. I love Parnell too much to really complain, though.

Hints that Kenneth is immortal/mystical/terrifying: He pickles squirrel meat.