Does it help if I tell you I thought we were doing sexual espionage?

After yesterday’s masterpiece, today’s episode was decidedly ehhh. Everyone at NBC is experiencing cutbacks, so Jack fires Jonathan (NOOOO) and Kenneth replaces him. Kenneth is mediocre. He needs Tracy to feed his bird for him, but tells Tracy not to go into the bedroom, so Tracy and Jenna become convinced Kenneth is a serial killer. When they open his bedroom, some sort of poisonous gas is released and they accidentally kill his bird. They apologize, but like, did the poison gas not confirm their suspicions that Kenneth is terrifying? Also, his bird is 60 years old. Come on guys. (When they buy him new birds, he names one Lorne and one Michael, which is cute.)

Meanwhile, Liz sleeps with the guy who’s slashing her budget to save everyone’s jobs. Except he thinks she does it because she likes him, and now he’s disgraced his dead wife. Oops. This plot made me sort of uncomfortable, but it will give us a great plot tomorrow AND it hilariously solved Liz’s problems when Jack takes over the budget. The HR guy tells her, “When you harass sexually in the workplace, things do not just somehow work out in the end,” underscoring this great twist.

The best thing about this episode is that Don Pardo shows up. I didn’t mention his passing when it happened earlier in the week because I knew this episode would quickly be upon us.

Screenshot 2014-08-23 23.03.58

Don plays Sid, the TGS announcer who was struck by lightening and screws up everyone’s names.



Screenshot 2014-08-23 22.57.56

Don was 96 and worked for NBC since the 1940s. I can’t imagine what SNL will sound like now (he announced every season but one). This blog is ostensibly about the influence “30 Rock” has had on me, but it would be an oversight for me to ignore the large influence SNL had on me growing up. Before it was at all age-appropriate, I’d watch classic episodes with my dad on Comedy Central, E! and VH1. The first tv show I bought on iTunes was “SNL: The Best of Will Ferrell,” which I watched like once a week. And Don Pardo’s voice was such a booming part of that. 

The other great thing about this episode is Jonathan serenading Jack as he left:

Screenshot 2014-08-23 22.52.09