This is decadent and I once went to Miami with Daryl Strawberry.

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This wasn’t a very good episode BUT highlights:

Liz and the slanket and night cheese.

Jenna is a sociopath. Or just an aggressive narcissist. 

Tangiers the Lion tattoo.

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Frank’s “Fedora”


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Update: So I didn’t get to write this the other night, but I wanted to talk about what makes this episode so bad.

This is the episode where Jack and Elisa call it quits. There are lots of reasons why they might break up: Elisa missed his birthday, Elisa is way more Catholic than him, she ran away to Puerto Rico after he proposed, Jack is a really unhappy person… Instead, the show makes up a reason we hadn’t experienced before. As a tactic, that’s fine, but the execution…

Elisa, possessed by jealousy, killed her first husband. They break up because she’s “too passionate” and is too jealous and untrusting.

Are you serious.

This just seems like lazy writing that relies too heavily on stereotypes of Latina and Puerto Rican women. I mean, thanks to this plot, we got some great Jack/Tracy time, including an admission from Tracy that he’s never cheated on his wife. Elisa also became the only main character on the show to express the weird sexual undertones of Jack and Liz’s relationship.

But this was such a disappointing end to the relationship. :/