It’s Florida, Jack. It’s like it never stopped being the 70s down there.

Three plots:

1. Liz stops giving Tracy preferential treatment, so he demands everyone stop treating her differently because she’s female. No one points out that not farting in front of someone is not really preferential treatment. Tracy hates doing work and liz hates strip clubs, so they switch back.

2. Jenna bonds with the monkey that Tracy brings to work and names it Little Jenna and dresses it in people clothes. It’s pretty amazing. The monkey turns on and attacks her.

3. Jack’s madre visits town and brings her married boyfriend with her. Jack had expected her to want to spend time with him, since it was the 35th anniversary of his father leaving forever, but she points out his father was always in and out, so she’s not upset. She tells him, “You’re my good boy. I just love you to death.” :’)

But her talk with him gives him the clues to figure out Jimmy Donaghy is not really his father. Plot twist!

Plot 3 is by far the best, because it’s both funny (Steve Buscemi is back!) and touching. Plot 2 is so bizarre, it’s awesome. Plot 1 annoyed me because no one pointed out how silly it was. I guess that’s “30 Rock” subverting the sitcom ending, but Liz never really got any special treatment! Ugh.

Tracy giving Liz a physical race card though was amazing.

Also, guess who’s back?

Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 8.38.12 PM

Liz also obliquely referred to her fling with Grizz, so that was awesome.