Bonus means extra. I know that from game shows.

Season four! Funny episode too, giving us a new conflict for the season.

Jack wants TGS to go more mainstream to attract new viewers. That means Jenna is dressing up as a cowgirl, Tracy is roaming Rockefeller Plaza to connect with normal people, and Pete and Liz are sneaking around to comedy clubs to find a new castmember (#RIPJoshplots) Meanwhile, Jack has cut overtimes for the Pages, but when Kenneth sees Jack’s bonus, he organizes a Page strike, which merges with a Santa Claus strike. Jenna and Tracy join to protest a new cast member. The strike ends when Jack admits he’s a liar, which is all Kenneth wanted.

The best thing about this episode is that we see lots of Pete as he and Liz try to sneak around. The writers catch on and ask what’s up, so they pretend they’re having an affair, which gives us this amazing Paula moment:

Screenshot 2014-08-31 23.54.53

Also this happened: