Orange and black decorations, is this Halloween or prison parents day?

Orange is the new Jack? Also, still taking those Photoshop donations thanks

Orange is the new Jack?
Also, still taking those Photoshop donations thanks

I remembered disliking this episode, and found it more pleasant than I remembered, though still a bit of a clunker.


1. Jack and Liz travel to Stone Mountain, Kenneth’s hometown, to find a comic from “real America.” Liz tries to tell him that there are bad people everywhere, but he doesn’t believe her until a ventriloquist makes some gross jokes at Liz’s expense.

2. Two celebrities have died and Tracy is terrified that he’ll be next, thanks to the rule of threes. This is the best plot, since Betty White and Jimmy Fallon show up.

He calls Betty to see if she’ll be dying soon, and she promises to bury him.

Screenshot 2014-09-01 22.23.58

And he and Jimmy Fallon end up trying to kill each other. This is right after Jimmy got the Late Show, so this is pretty cute.

Screenshot 2014-09-01 22.36.38

3. Jenna tries to befriend the writers so they’ll help her out when the new castmember comes. They use her to try to get invited to gay Halloween, where all the hot girls are. They agree to use each other. I was glad Toofer, Lutz and Frank got some plot, but it was only sort of funny.

About the rule of three: My grandma believes this applies to real life, so if she hears two people she knows died, she is immediately on edge until she hears about a third person. This is real.

My favorite exchange in the episode was:

Jack: Your elitist, intellectual, left-wing —

Liz: Just say Jewish, this is taking forever.

This reminded me of one of my favorite moments on “The West Wing,” from the pilot, when Toby gets super annoyed at this right-wing Christian lady and says to Josh (#teamJoshLyman):

“She meant Jewish. When she said New York sense of humor, she was talking about you and me.”

(Should I do 154 days of “The West Wing” after this? That’s a lot of television…)

Also in this episode we learn Pete has a cover band. #teamPete for life.

Looking forward, here are some things I’ll try to talk about soon:

  • This AV Club article about how sitcoms need more conflict
  • This episode of the Scriptnotes podcast where John and Craig assert that sitcoms are just one long second act of a three-act story
  • Why I keep writing a blog no one reads
  • Some rankings and round-ups as I approach the midway point in 9 days