It’s as useless as the Winter Olympics. This February on NBC.

TGS is auditioning new actors for Jack and Jack has bed bugs. This episode was my favorite of season 4 so far, partially because it centralized all the action. The auditions spiral out of control as Liz lets Dotcom try out and everyone else — Kathy Geiss, Brian Williams, Toofer, Lutz, Frank, some people Jenna and Tracy recruit — joins in. The guy Liz and Pete picked — Jayden — turns out to be a total lunatic.

Thankfully, Jack picks this robot guy, because he’s the only one who would shake his hand, eve though he has bed bugs:

Screenshot 2014-09-03 23.34.49

Robot guy will be revealed as Cheyenne Jackson in the next episode:

Except that robot guy is clearly NOT Cheyenne Jackson, and it bothers me a lot.

Tracy uttered one of my favorite “30 Rock” lines of all time:

He’s evil Tracy!?

Screenshot 2014-09-03 21.28.46

And Pete was my favorite dad again, when he said, “The more people you add the less effective it is, like a neighborhood dad garage band.” #teamPete

Also, Kenneth speaks Latin, proving again how vaguely terrifying he is.

What really made this episode work was how it drew on every member of the ensemble. Tracy and Jenna troll the city looking for funny people. Dotcom intimidates Tracy with his acting skills. Jonathan is concerned for Jack’s bed-bug woes. Frank, Toofer, Lutz, and Pete all get things to do! All the pieces connect together into a well-oiled machine, giving every one a moment to shine this episode.

And this happened during the credits.