Here’s a special treat. My bff Emily joined me via Skype for this episode, and what follows is a transcript of her best comments about the action (with edits for context). She’s a native Bostonian (but she’s really from the suburbs, but she lives right on the border. She’s way more legit than those Worcester jerks.) who always complains about Julianne Moore’s Boston accent, so this was a particularly great episode for her to guest on. 

On Cerie’s comment that Liz’s hair looks less weird: Oh her hair is not looking less weird. I think cerie is the best part of this show. Oh she was the greatest part of this show until jonathan showed up

Liz: Those sites are for horny married chicks with kids who want to exchange pervy e-mails with their old high school boyfriends.

Emily: I do that.

I really like how you talk about when you’re taking photoshop donations.

You know how I’m really attracted to the gay guy on “Dawson’s Creek”? This guy [Cheyenne Jackson/Danny] is doing the same thing for me Jack (the guy on “Dawson’s Creek”) does.

East Sadchester High School. my family summers there.

On Jack saying Nancy Donovan’s name: If he was actually from Boston he would say Dunavan. Actually that might be a Long Island thing.

Frank’s hat: PG-25. Can you go back to listing Frank’s hats every episode?

I think this show would be a lot better without Lutz in it. I hate Lutz.

[After being reminded of the finale plot] Ok he’s worth it for that one thing. It’s like Toofer is worth it just for that episode wear he dresses up like Frank. Though obviously Frank is the better part of that episode. But people from Harvard are really like that.

Liz’s hair looks like she pomaded it then crimped it than pomaded it again.

[After seeing that the captions designated Nancy’s Boston accent] It’s not a Boston accent even for hearing people.

“Good merlinpeen,” I forgot about that. I might make my Tinder profile good merlinpeen.

I really like the idea of tracy playing Josh Groban. I would like to donte to your photoshop cause so I can see what Tracy would look like as Josh Groban.

[After Danny mentions he doesn’t get sarcasm because Canada doesn’t have Jewish people] I did this project in high school about the Jewish population of Canada and at some point in the 1800s there were like 80 of them.

[After Nancy asks Jack what happened to his accent] What happened to your Boston accent, bitch?

Every time I try to remember her name I think it’s Nancy Kerrigan.

If you’re going to get one word right in a Boston accent it should be “sure.”

Did you know that I do not like french kissing? I think it’s gross

Jack sounds like Batman.

i dislike everything about that exchange

Why does Jenna wear those stupid little vests? And why do people wear jewelry?

Screenshot 2014-09-10 23.24.40

if Jenna was brunette she would not be noteworthy.

Honestly Jenna’s character gets so much better as they reveal overtime how terrible her childhood was.

i would listen to this song in a nonironic way:

Even though her accent sucks I think she is, personality wise, extremely Boston.

[After Liz calls in a bomb threat to Penn Station to get Nancy to stay in NY] I should have done that when you tried to go back to New York.

[When Liz and Danny are singing back-to-back] That’s like the monster mash, back-to-back, belly-to-belly.