I’m halfway through “30 Rock” so let’s take stock of the series/the blog. First, some thoughts on the project. Watching 138 episodes in 138 days doesn’t feel that impressive in the world of binge-watching. One of my friends has been trying to watch all of “Dawson’s Creek” before it gets pulled from Netflix. She did the math — four episodes a day — and she’s making a valiant effort to finish. One ~30 minute episode a day seems little in comparison. But it’s also a big commitment — bigger than I thought when I started — because if I actually take time to write up something good, that can take at least an hour. In June when I started, I wasn’t thinking about how hectic my life would be come September and how precious those ~90 minutes were.

But I’m not stopping; if anything I’m recommitting. In the past ~2 weeks during my time of lapsed commitment, I’ve missed watching “30 Rock” all the time. My general television consumption has gone down, and I think it’s actually noticeably negatively impacted my mood. Is this a weird thing to share with the internet? Is this a sign of actual TV addiction? Are you guys watching “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., because last night’s premiere was awesome?  Could y’all please start watching “The Mindy Project” please?


Basically I like stories, I really like the serialized story-telling of television, I love “30 Rock,” and I really love over-sharing with the internet. So the blog stands.

Here’s my best-of “30 Rock” so far.

My ten favorite episodes so far:

“The Rural Juror” (Day 10)

Rachel Dratch’s cameo as Barbara Walters discussing “The Rural Juror” is her best role on the show. Jenna and Liz’s relationship is wonderfully and hilariously hashed out.

“The Head and the Hair” (Day 11)

Long-time readers know I am obsessed with Gray, Liz’s third-cousin she refuses to date. Tracy sings a song from his Christmas album, and Kenneth defends television.

“Subway Hero” (Day 33)

The photo of Dennis receiving an award from Mike Bloomberg is my Facebook cover photo. Also, sabor de soledad appear! #TeamDennis #TeamSaborDeSoledad In all honestly, this is probably my favorite Dennis episode.

“Succession” (Day 34)

Potentially the nerdiest episode in the history of “30 Rock,” the Frank vs. Tracy as Salieri vs. Mozart plot is inspired. Iconic Liz and Jack lines and Kathy Geiss as CEO bring us over the top.

“Cooter” (Day 36)

Liz and Jack’s friendship goes long distance and I have a lot of feelings about it. Also Kenneth does some fancy tricks.

“Christmas Special” (Day 42)

A really funny Liz plot, a really touching Jack plot, Jenna singing, and it’s Christmas. Literally all my favorite things.

“Apollo, Apollo” (Day 52)

The first episode I ever watched and still one of the best. Jack searches for happiness, Dennis screws with Liz and Jenna, and Tracy goes to outer space. There’s not a wasted moment in the episode.

“Mamma Mia/Kidney Now!” (Days 57/58)

The search for Jack’s dad gives us one of the greatest celebrity charity song parodies of all-time. “Dealbreakers” and my favorite “30 Rock” line (Teach it like you preach it, Liz Lemon) are born.

Dealbreakers Talk Show #0001” (Day 65)

Jack is Liz, Liz is Jenna, Frank is Liz, Jenna is sane, and Tracy is trying to EGOT.

Honorable Mentions: “Flu Shot” (Day 44), “Cougars” (Day 28)

Favorite Dennis episode: “Subway Hero” (Day 33) — Dennis is crazy but Liz still thinks maybe she should take him back. I get it.

Best original song: “Werewolf Bar Mitzvah” (First appeared in “Day 23 – Jack Gets In The Game” but played in a flashback in “Day 26 – Greenzo.”

Best making fun of the Bush administration: “Cougars” (Day 28) where little league baseball becomes a metaphor for the war on terror

Best celebrity cameo: James Carville fixing Jack’s, Toofer’s and Frank’s problems in “Secrets and Lies” (Day 29). This is also the best episode for Toofer and Frank.

Best celebrity cameo with an actual plot: James Franco in “Klaus and Greta” (Day 67).

Best supporting character: Jonathan. Always Jonathan.

My four favorite posts I wrote:

Day 3 – Blind Date on how Liz isn’t ugly

Day 13 – Up All Night on my justification of Jenna and Frank as the greatest couple that never was

Day 51 – The Bubble on how it’s OK that the characters like each other now

Day 52 – Apollo, Apollo on the first episode I ever watched

Creepiest Kenneth moment: Kenneth’s real name is Dick Whitman, which he reveals in “The Ones” (Day 55) when he eats strawberries, which he is highly allergic to.

Disagree with my choices? Comment below!

Here’s to the next 69!