I would date a Republican if he were exactly like Jack Donaghy in looks, wealth, and temperament.

OK, I cheated. That’s not a quote from this episode, but, rather, from this article on Jezebel about dating up/down. It’s not at all about Jack Donaghy, but that sentence spoke to me on a deep level, so I’m starting off with that. It sort of works because a major plot of this episode included people hitting on Jack.

The episode begins with Liz having a cheesy blasters sweat dream, where she and Jack are married and having a child. The child is meat cat.

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1. Jenna’s mom Verna is visiting. She consults Jack, chief Mommy issue expert, on what she should do. He advises her to “Say no. Talk low. Let her go.” #ElsaJack

Still taking donations to buy Photoshop

Still taking donations to buy Photoshop

But Verna is being really nice and throws Jenna a birthday party. But then she reveals her plan to Jack: She wants a Verna/Jenna reality show. Jack is excited to tell Jenna he was right and moms are evil, but, instead of breaking her heart, he pays Verna to visit on holidays. This feels like when the Grinch grows three heart sizes.

2. Liz and Frank are giving up their vices — junk food and smoking, respectively. It doesn’t go well as Liz sleepwalks and orders a pizza. Frank, meanwhile, has weird Oedipal relationships with the mailroom ladies. Also Liz never finished her duplex because she never got a talk show. 😦

3. Pete’s Pete time is infringed upon by Kenneth. His new releases are sticking himself with thumbtacks and a fight club. #TeamPete #SavePete

Anyway, this episode gave screentime to Frank and Pete (yay!) and it put together Jack and Jenna, which rarely happens. I see you “30 Rock,” shaking things up.

Tomorrow is one of my absolute favorite episodes. Get excited.