Your Ben and Jerry’s flavor is called adulte-raisin.

Jack is reeling from the Kabletown buy out, Liz and Wesley Snipes (no, not that one) might be settling soulmates, and Tracy has never cheated on his wife.

The other day, I read that since his car accident Tracy might never be able to perform again. Since then, Tracy plots make me so deeply sad. He’s so funny. Just when you think you know what he’ll do next, you don’t at all. This plot is kind of the epitome of that. After seasons of Tracy’s philandering ways, we find out he really did love Angie this whole time. When Dotcom proclaims, “Yet another black superstar taken down by his personal life,” I basically always laugh.

Michael Sheen continues to be really funny because of all his not-real British-isms. It’s really refreshing to see a British person who’s not charming and romantically desirable (and I am usually totally into the whole British and romantically desirable thing).

Kabletown isn’t my favorite plot ever, though hearing Liz taunt Jack during a company-wide meeting about Phillie is wonderful.