Can I have your weakness files on Frank, Toofer and Lutz?

Ugh. Floyd. Once so revered and loved by me (and Liz, I guess) you have tragically fallen in my esteem because you are unfair and mean. Let’s lay out the episode.

Floyd calls Liz because he’s in town. She gets her hopes up. Since he’s engaged at this point and he’s calling his ex-girlfriend, I feel like he has some obligation to let Liz know this is just a friendly call. Anyway, she looks at the TV and he and his fiance are in a contest to get married on the Today Show.

(At this point, we need to suspend our disbelief, since former NBC employees definitely can’t win NBC contests. I digress.)

Liz is upset because Floyd is The One That Got Away (TM). She imagined it’d always be a movie, where Christopher Cross sings the love theme.

Screenshot 2014-10-07 22.46.24

(Don’t worry Liz bby. Criss Chros will be here soon.)

So they get dinner and Liz is upset that not only is he marrying someone outside her window, but he’s also moving to New York for her, when he wouldn’t stay in New York for Liz. 😦

So she accidentally gets him drunk when she’s trying to give him food poisoning. So then he’s drunk on the Today Show and Liz feels bad and apologizes, but like it is totally not her fault he got drunk. What alcoholic knows there’s a sauce on a fish, asks for it on the side, but doesn’t ask when it’s called Jack sauce what’s in it? Floyd. Ugh. That guy.

So they get into this big fight where he complains about how awful Liz is, and, sure, she’s not perfect but why do all the Floyd episodes end up with Liz apologizing when Floyd was also wrong?

But, hilariously, Liz agrees to do a reading at the wedding. This is the first piece of our season finale, which I remember as a wonderful episode.

One more thing: Frank’s dying regret is that he wasted so much time putting things on hat. Never wasted, Frank. Never.