Ever since i was a little boy, I dreamed of hosing the tonight shift.

Not my favorite episode. Our plots:

1. Liz finds out the cast and crew don’t party with her. She feels betrayed since they’re her family. So, when Cerie announces that her wedding is back on, since her fiance was rescued from the pirates that kidnapped him (though he has a little bit of Stockholm Syndrome still, so there may be some pirates in the wedding party), Liz throws her a work party to prove how fun she is. This doesn’t go well, but she does realize she’s the mom of the family and seems ok with that.

2. Jack can’t choose between Jack and Nancy, so instead he gets involved in janitor drama that pokes fun at the Leno/Conan situation.

3. Angie wants Tracy to help her since she’s on bed rest. Kenneth ends up giving him a shock collar so he’ll stay put.

This episode mostly made me think of this Mitch Hurwitz interview I listened to lately. He said that on “Arrested Development,” if the characters had heard there was a TV show about them, they’d all think they were the main character. “A magician deals with his uptight brother, wacky sister,” etc.

“30 Rock” works exactly the same way. Jack would think the show was about a handsome, charming executive and the zany creatives and co-dependent assistants he has to deal with. Tracy would think the show was about a hilarious comedian and all the serious people trying to bring him down. Jenna would think it was about a glamorous television star and … would Jenna notice the other people were there? Unclear. But even the more minor characters — Pete would think it was about a tv producer at the end of his rope and the people around him who ignore him.

Anyway, it’s a fun way to think about comedic perspective: Every character on “Arrested Development” and “30 Rock” has a strong enough comedic perspective to center them in the action (though obviously Liz is the best choice).