Episode 78 gave us the finishing touches for the two-part season 4 finale, so I’m writing these up together. Also I just watched them back-to-back-to-back. So!

Episode 78 it’s mothers’ day and all the mom’s are appearing on TGS to give NBC some good PR. And all the mom’s are convincing Liz she needs to settle. They tell her she’s not waiting for a prince. With hind sight, we know she literally is though.


Anyway, Liz finds out that the love of her mother’s life was Buzz Aldrin and then she literally visits him at his apartment and they yell at the moon together. It’s honestly one of the best moments in all of “30 Rock.”

Stupid moon! I walked on your face!

And we find out that Liz’s mom was a receptionist at Sterling Cooper. “30 Rock” <3’s “Mad Men.”

Meanwhile, Colleen figures out that Jack has two ladies and tells him he has to pick, and alerts Avery to Nancy’s existence. Honestly, it’s a pretty good parenting moment for her.

In Part 1 of the season finale, Liz revisits Dennis (<3) and Jon Hamm to see if maybe they’re the one she should settle with. Dennis is trying to recreate the balloon boy stunt in a public park named after Ron Artest, and Jon Hamm now has hooks instead of hands, so both those options are out.

(Really, you have to watch this Ron Artest video.)

Which leaves Wesley Snipes. The British one. Even though Liz CLEARLY should have called Gray up. Or Peter Dinklage.

Anyway, Wesley gets some great lines, like the aforementioned fear of the London Olympics and an excited rendition of the “Chums” Theme Song: “I’ll be here always, while the rains fall in Whales.” Love it.

Tracy, meanwhile, is either going to shoot “Garfield 3” or “Hard to Watch,” based on the novel “Stone Cold Bummer” by Manipulate. Dotcom and Kenneth bring him to the building where he grew up, on Lieutenant Uhura Avenue (which is amazing wow). Then, when trying to film “Garfield 3” and ignore his past, he freaks out and starts screaming about lasagna and I laughed so hard I had to pause the episode.

And in the second half, Jack chooses Nancy, then switches to Avery when he finds out she’s pregnant. Cerie’s fiance’s groomsmen really are Somali pirates. And Liz meets Matt Damon, leaving Michael Sheen behind.

With three weddings behind us (Floyd, Cerie, and Grizz, for those keeping track at home) we’re finally up to season 5.