We’re not putting labels on anything yet because the glue is abrasive.

Don Geiss puts Jack in his will and gives him a peacock named Argus. Jack claims it’s not an NBC thing, but come on.

No one addresses the peacock’s name in the episode, so I will. In high school, our Latin book was about a fictionalized version of the real poet, Horus, known in his time as Quintus Horatius Flaccus. Quintus has a dog named … Argus. So umm it’s important to me that the peacock’s name is Argus.

Anyway, Jack totally spirals because he never dealt with his grief and Liz uses Kenneth to convince Jack that Don’s spirit has moved into the peacock so he can find peace. It’s pretty hilarious.

Meanwhile, Liz is mediating entourage drama. Grizz wants Dotcom to be his best man when he marries his fiance Feyoncé, but he doesn’t know that Dotcom is, in fact, in love with Feyoncé. Liz mediates so well that Grizz decides she should be the woman of honor instead, despite their sexual history. He compares them to Sam and Diane on “Cheers,” which is amazing.

And Jenna gas a new boyfriend, who works as a Jenna impersonator. When I first saw this I was weirded out, which is probably the reaction they wanted, but now I’m just struck by the genius. Of course Jenna’s soul mate is someone who is so completely obsessed with her that he dresses as her.

Unrelated but Jack won’t let Jenna do a Kardashian sketch because he’s friends with Lamar. I just read in “Poking a Dead Frog” that James Downey and Norm MacDonald got fired from SNL for making too many OJ jokes because an NBC exec was bffs with OJ. Was “30 Rock” alluding to this? We have no way of knowing.

Also Grizz and Dotcom met at a summer camp for giants.