The Netflix summary for this episode told me that Liz and Tracy were going to throw a party together, but for most of the episode I could not remember that party. And then, when Tracy mentioned that he owns a boat, it came back to me: They have a party on a yacht that Tracy steals.1

At the moment I remembered, I burst into a huge smile, full of anticipation at viewing something I didn’t remember, while remembering how funny I thought it was. That’s a pretty awesome feeling and also the general feeling I have about rewatching “30 Rock.” I remember some specifics, but not all of them, and I’m really excited to revisit those again. Rewatching is almost like a time machine — I get to revisit my friends! Do I get overly attached to TV characters?2

To the episode!

That's so 2006

That’s so 2006

More than last episode, I was blown away by how horrible Tina’s hair is this season the second she walked on screen. I guess Tina was less famous then, and this weird thick on top, flippy on the bottom thing was more “stylish” in 2006,3 but girl, that is not your hair. She’s sort of glamorous on the yacht though, so she eventually made it work for her.

Kenneth again gives a tour in the early moments of this episode, but this time the tourists are excited about “The Girlie Show” because Tracy Jordan was on it. It’s a great scene because it’s short but accomplishes a lot.

Given my observation yesterday that the four characters were really well-developed, it was interesting to see today that Jenna was way less of a drama queen in season one. She’s unhappy that Tracy is there, but mostly because he’s a crazy person, not as much because he’s stealing her spotlight. By the end of episode, she is a little more of the drama queen I know and love — bursting into song on the boat and relishing tabloid coverage of her drunkenness. That’s my girl.

Also! Frank looks at YouTube and it’s really old looking and I actually laughed for like a minute. Evidence:

That's so 2006

That’s so 2006

My big takeaway from the episode was realizing how much season 1 was about Jack’s attempts to meddle with the show. In later seasons, it really is, as he says in the last episode, about Liz coming up to bother him with her problems, but in this season, he’s really putting himself in the middle of it. I guess I’m just fascinated by the way things change and evolve.

The one thing that never changes? The summary for the episode on Netflix starts with “Liz struggles to make sure the show goes on,” which could be the plot of every single episode.

Bits & Pieces

Liz calls Jack, “Mr. Donaghy” a handful of times, which is retroactively hilarious and also weird to hear her say.

Liz tells Tracy that Jenna’s last name rhymes with baloney, which leads to him penning her nickname, “My Baloney.” It was cute to see the origins of that.

Grizz is driving the boat! It’s the first time we’ve seen him, so I was really excited about it.

Tracy one-liner of the episode: “Superman does good. You’re doing well.” This is an amazing joke.

Making fun of NBC moment of the episode: Tracy reads a promo that reads “I’m bringing the black back to NBC.”4

Character I related to most: None? Maybe Jenna, since her egoism/extroverted-ness was being neglected.

Hints that Kenneth is immortal/mystical/terrifying: Still none

Jeff Richmond a.k.a. Mr. Tina Fey had a brief cameo!



1. Is it really stealing if it never leaves the harbor? It was more like “creative borrowing.”

2. Yes.

3. The only reason I would even say this is “stylish” is because Stana Katic had a really similar style on a “Castle” rerun I saw a few weeks ago. Tina wasn’t alone.

4. This was arguably the third “Cosby Show” joke of the episode; the two more obvious ones are when Tracy calls Toofer Cliff Huxtable and when the writers get Tracy to do a Bill Cosby impression.