If anything should happen to me, i want you to read “Oh the places you’ll go” at my funeral.

I’ve spent a lot of the last two weeks watching new TV shows, so instead of a recap/whatever you want to call what I normally do, I’m going to advocate that most of the ideas I saw on these shows come from this one episode of “30 Rock.” How so?

In our main Liz plot, she meets her “future husband,” Wesley, played by Michael Sheen. I’ve been meaning to watch “Masters of Sex,” so that’s where the idea for this post came from. The two have a horrendous first date, but end the episode deciding to try again.

This is literally the plot of “Manhattan Love Story.” Except that, because we hear the characters’ thoughts (that’s the gimmick) we know they at least find the other person physically attractive. Otherwise, same thing: We hated each other but we’ll try again. This is also how “A to Z” starts: Andrew and Zelda have a disastrous first date but try again. In that show’s defense, it’s not because they don’t like each other, but because Andrew gets a little creepy about destiny.

Meanwhile, Jenna becomes Tracy’s acting coach so he can EGOT. This is like “Selfie,” where John Cho is Karen Gillan’s life coach/image consultant so she can be a not horrible person.

Jonathan is excessively amazing this episode, comparing himself at Jack to Will Smith and his dog in “I Am Legend.” “Forever,” about a medical examiner that can’t die, also features a precocious and quirky assistant. Also, the main actor is Welsh, just like Michael Sheen.

Jack Donaghy is questioning all his life choices as G.E. sells NBC to Kabletown. A world he once knew now seems corrupt and unfair. Also his girlfriend is blonde. This is just like Jim Gordon on “Gotham,” who’s realizing how corrupt the GCPD and the city is. And his girlfriend is blonde. Jack hasn’t been almost murdered, but, like, would anyone be surprised?

Kenneth has some mysterious condition where his not taking drugs makes him have “Donkey spells.” They’re pretty terrifying. “Mysteries of Laura” is apparently terrifyingly bad. So.

Mulaney is inherently “30 Rock”-influenced since John worked for “SNL.” That is a concrete argument in which you can poke no holes.

So, the fall TV season is just a punch of “30 Rock” rip-offs. Case made.

Unrelated, Jenna uttered my favorite Jenna line this episode: “I know the Tony rules because i’ve been petitioning them to add a category for living theatrically in real life.