I found it on my favorite website: Stop showing off Dotcom.

This is obviously not the best Valentine’s episode — we’ve got to wait a season for that one. But it’s still a funny, funny episode.

Our plots:

1. Liz goes out with Jon Hamm – on Valentine’s Day. And then everything moves too fast — he sees her boob, he sees her poop, she meets his daughter, his mother confesses a terrible secret to Liz before dying. Awks.

2. Jack wants to take Elisa out for Valentine’s Day but she insists on going to church first. He uses confession to torture a priest with stories of sex, including confessing to have gay sex with Dick Cheney. It seems they might break up, but McDonald’s McFlurries, the greatest dessert of them all, reunites them.

3. Kenneth falls in love with a blind girl but can’t manage to speak to her, so Tracy does all the talking for him. This is already funny because Tracy’s Kenneth is amazing. Dotcom, Grizz, and Jenna (and Jeff Richmond!) are all recruited to help fake a nice French dinner. After the dinner, blind lady touches Kenneth’s face, realizes he’s ugly, and peaces out. A vain blind person. Only on “30 Rock.”

First, it’s really just a pleasure to see Jon Hamm as not a total jerk, like he is on “Mad Men” and in “Bridesmaids.” I don’t feel bad for liking him. Jack points out how insanely attractive he is, hoping he’s not a serial killer who plans on eating Liz, which seems like an appropriate way to address his insane good looks.

While I find the way they’ll end this relationship very funny (we’ll get there), it sort of logically doesn’t fit in with the way he’s characterized before then, like in this episode.

Also, I noticed that Liz is wearing this really pretty necklace with two circles with L’s on them. Google makes it seem like other people noticed this before now, so I don’t know how I missed it.

Jack, meanwhile, sort of deals with his Catholic demons for neither the first nor last time. Elisa hilariously asks him, “Don’t tell me you’re one of those convenient catholics that only goes to church every Sunday.” This is funny because most “religious” Catholics think the convenient ones are those who only go on Christmas, Ash Wednesday, and Easter. (I know that explaining the joke makes it not funny, but I’m too Catholic to let that one slip.)

But also, shouldn’t Elisa have figured out Jack’s not very Catholic by now? “30 Rock” isn’t too interested in continuity, but that sort of annoyed me.

Anyway, Jack’s God is capitalism, Elisa’s is God, and both their Gods lead them to the same McDonald’s to buy McFlurries. Worse things could happen.

Perfect Pair

Bits & Pieces

“30 Rock” is very obsessed with Michael McDonald. In “Cleveland,” Tracy mentioned wanting to do a Michael McDonald cover album. In this episode, he forces Jenna to do a Michael McDonald impression. And a few years later, he shows up in an animated “30 Rock” webisode.

Dotcom is in love with Grizz’s fiance. All tidbits on info about Grizz and Dotcom are greatly appreciated by me.


Best ’00s reference: Jon Hamm’s daughter has bracelets whose colors code to the sex acts she has performed on her bus. I remember, in 6th grade, a boy telling me that my bracelets meant sex stuff and being really offended. For more info on this hilarious “parents freak out about nothing” moment, read Wikipedia.

Tracy refers to the blind girl as Kenneth’s Ms. Magoo. As an avid lover of Mr. Magoo’s Christmas Carol, I don’t know how I never noticed this, but Imr. m laughed a lot this time.

Everyone’s favorite selectively blind cartoon character!

Character I related to most: Jenna, who is alone on Valentine’s Day and has nothing better to do than serenade Kenneth and blind girl.

Hi Jeff!

Hi Jeff!

Hints that Kenneth is immortal/mystical/terrifying: HE HAS A SECOND MOUTH ON HIS BACK. It’s sewn shut, but….