Blam-o, another successful interaction with a man!

I skipped an episode. Oops. This one was more enjoyable than “Stone Mountain” though!

Liz’s book has come out, and every man she knows is pissed, since multiple dealbreakers apply to each of them. This includes the guy in the bookstore.

Screenshot 2014-09-02 21.21.25

Wait … is that Councilman Jamm?

Screenshot 2014-09-02 21.24.01


Today on my first day of grad school I learned that we assume visual images are linear/temporal, but really they aren’t, so I’m creating my own visual timeline for this image. Councilman Jamm lost his position on the city council and now works at Barnes and Noble. He is bitter and sad. 

Moving on! Our plots:

1. Devin is in charge of a government oversight committee that’s going to take Jack and GE down. Jack gives Jonathan to Devin (:'() to get Devin to leave. This plot is funny, even if it’s hastily resolved.

2. Liz deals with Tracy, who Angie kicked out after reading “Dealbreakers.” Since she based a lot of the dealbreakers on Tracy, she gives Tracy her life rights and lets him make a Liz Lemon porno 

3. Liz deals with Jenna, who is filming a werewolf vampire movie in Iceland to spite Liz’s new castmember search. They make up as they watch porn versions of themselves make out. 30 Rock!

We also got a glimpse of porn Jack and porn Liz:

Screenshot 2014-09-02 21.55.15

And Kenneth is really old, appearing in this flashback:

Screenshot 2014-09-02 21.27.03

Also, he works for Big Brother, monitoring people’s actions secretly. Kenneth has slipped into openly terrifying territory.

Jack is pretty concerned that Americans don’t love microwaves enough, but microwaves are magic. Last year I didn’t have one, and it sucked. I had to use a stove and oven to heat food? I burnt a lot of things.

Also, by far the character I related to most this episode was Frank, when he started crying about a poorly heated burrito. Burritos are serious business.